10 - Kirsten's LA baes

Sep 18, 2015, 11:09 AM

Kirsten and Rose are BAA-AAACK BAYBEEEEEEEEEZ! This details Kirsten's unholy unions with multiple douchebags (and a handful of nice people) in Los Angeles, Cal-i-forn-eye-HEEEEEEEEEY!!!

Behold the tragic tales of Kirsten's encounters with: -'Famous Dad' Guy -Death Hip-hop Guy -'Friendzone-of-a-Friend' Guy (also with famous dad) -The Second Conspiracy Theorist -The water-sports-loving kink fiend that Kirsten sexted but never actually met -Day-date Guy -Daytime-blowjob Guy -Dirty-socks-medical-weed Guy

Also discussed: -34-year-old LA guys that act like 19-year-old Melbourne guys -Hot older men of LA -The Melbourne Uni Law guy who is suing Curtin House for gender discrimination -improv, Improv, IMPROV! -meeting people IRL -secretly flirting in front of a third party -taking a break from online dating!! Heyo!

And Rose is super excited to have matched with a SWIPE NIGHT FAN on Tinder! <3 <3

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