Global Peace Meditation for Syria

Sep 22, 2015, 07:28 PM

Now that we've given plenty airspace of the war and conflict in Syria, can we now give peace a chance? Join us and entrain your head, heart and intention to bring about peace for the people of Syria. It has been proven by hundreds of peace experiments that the unification of people in meditation and prayer can and does bring about peace. You’ll hear briefly from scientist in the field of consciousness expansion, Jazz Rasool, about the effects of such a meditation. You'll also hear from Gennye Anderson, Holistic Coach and Soul Contract Decoder. The meditation will be facilitated by Harun Rabbani who, as well as being the Creator of UnTangled FM, is a healer and transformational expert. #Meditation #peace #peaceinSyria #Syria #intention #heartenergy #MaharishiEffect