Episode 46 - Andy Capper ( Vice, Dead Wrong)

Sep 24, 2015, 02:55 AM

Without this week’s guest Andy Capper, Turned Out A Punk host, Damian’s life would look vastly different. In addition to changing the lives of people, Andy is also the Executive Producer of Vice Magazine and has been the producer of some of the most memorable Vice videos (Chiraq, Reincarnated, The Vice Guide To Liberia) over the years. Before all that though, he was making zines and playing in Dead Wrong. Join these two old friends as they sit down and do what they have done for years: talk about punk and bullshit. Some of this bullshit includes:

-Old friends -Being told not to look upon a Sex Pistols record -Punk in the British mass media -Trying to understand Derek Jarman’s Jubilee -Glam: the original Punk -Living out Infest’s lyrics -The Smell of Petiole Oil and New Castle Brown Ale: Liverpool punk -Dead Wrong: Ex-Parodox UK -“we were punk” -Going to the Exploited show -“You pierced your eyebrow! Are you from outer space?” -Dead Wrong and Fabric: Boy bands hardcore -Putting out the The Nothing New Comp… -Getting approached by Roadrunner -Shame is constant: the band that can't be named -Teethface Zine: The horrors of one youth -Being naturally lazy but making tons of work for yourself -Getting a job at the NME and becoming a “sell-out” -The Strokes and NME -Voorhees and kick boxing displays -Straight edge except for sniffing glue -Hersey, Ripcord and ENT -Pit Justice at Slapshot -Econochrist -Born Against vs. Sick Of It All: who was better -Loving Green Day -First Strike Records: Wigan Hangs -Bob Tilton -Loving Snuff -Jailcell Recipes THE Liverpool hardcore band -Does Downcast hold up? -“We are THE coolest people in Preston this day” -Two different takes on Sonic Boom from Spaceman 3 -“I’m not proud of it”: Inventing the term NuMetal -Hanging with the heroes of NuMetal -Being on cocaine in a Korn Cage. -Jase Kilvo and the origins of the friendship between Andy and Fucked Up -Damian recalling hanging with Andy for the first time -Fearing for your life in Libya -Running afoul with the son of Captain Big Mouth -Almost getting locked up in Liberia -AND MORE!!!!!