Just Us Pod Episode 8 - A Conversation Graham Priest

Sep 27, 2015, 12:25 AM

Welcome back to the Just Us Podcast!

We have a very special episode for you this week, Tim managed to snag an exclusive interview in Melbourne with Graham Priest! Graham Priest is distinguished Professor of Philosophy who works from New York University and regularly features at Melbourne University.

Tim tries especially hard to keep up with an intelligence that far surpasses his own while discussing Eastern & Western philosophy, How did information travel down this Silk Road? Where are we going as a species? Whats the impact of 9/11 and terrorism? Where are is our collective modern day consciousness? Amongst much much more.

We hope you enjoy this episode, it is quite content heavy so we hope you get something out of it. As always please hit us up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @JustUsPodcast and email justuspod@gmail.com

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