Episode 47 - Laura Jane Grace ( Against Me! )

Sep 30, 2015, 08:27 PM

On this Turned Out A Punk, Damian gets a chance to finally have a conversation with Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace! Damian talks to Laura about the journey of a small town Florida DIY Punk band who became one of the most significant Punk bands of the last 20 years... and the violent reaction it could sometimes elicit.

Also covered:

-The parallel paths of Against Me and Fucked Up

-Hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time

-The conversation about fighting back

-Green Day, Rancid and 90’s punk explosion

-The influence of Rancid’s fantastic taste

-Playing in a Nirvana/ Pearl Jam cover band as a pre-teen: Leather Dice or The Black Shadows

-Purulent and Demented Kids

-The mecca of St. Petersburg Florida

-Playing a Christian punk show with MxPx

-90 Pound Wuss were good

-Snot Rockets: four Rancid covers

-Being the other Upper Crust

-Green Day, Rancid and NoFX: the big three for the first three shows

-Not being really aware of Hot Water Music

-From Common Affliction to Against Me!

-The other side of Crass Records: Apostles

-The influence of Seth: the first anarcho-acoustic punk band

-Running a distro

-The Florida Food Not Bombs network

-Activist Community of Florida

-Sitting down and playing buckets: no one got it

-The free veggie meals at KFC

-The first tour

-Getting Aaron Cometbus mad

-The first west coast tour

-Var from No Idea: the subtitlest of label heads

-No being liked in Gainesville

-Ebullition and A-F Records: two other labels that could’ve done Reinventing Axl Rose

-Anti-Flag at the Roboto Project

-“That band in Gainesville the no liked” does good

-The evolving understanding of Axl

-Guns And Roses

-Toby Red Scare

-Signing to Fat

-Dealing with Majors: the great rock and roll swindle

-Getting attacked for being punk

-Getting on and off the major

-Learning under Butch Vig

-Album Art

-Collage Art

-“Those Are Rockstars”

AND MORE!!!!!!!!

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