0066 Skateistan


This is Randi Hacker with another Postcard from Abroad from the KU Centers for East Asian Studies and Global and International Studies.

Picture girls learning to ride a skateboard, cycling cross-country or climbing the highest mountain in their country. These are no small accomplishments for anyone but for women and girls here in Afghanistan, they are truly amazing! Although life has improved in recent years, this is still a society in which certain things, such as riding bicycles, are taboo for women. Thankfully, NGOs are working to empower Afghan women and girls through sports. For example, “Skateistan” teaches young girls to ride skateboards, “Mountain2Mountain” trains women to cycle competitively, and “Ascend” coaches women to scale mountains. The result? Not only are Afghan girls and women becoming more athletic, more confident and true role models for others in their country, they’re climbing to new heights as they do it. Literally!

With thanks to Jennifer Duhamel for this text, from the KU Center for East Asian Studies, I’m Randi Hacker. Wish you were here.

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Oct 02, 2015, 02:26 PM
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