Episode 48 - Anthony Bourdain

Oct 07, 2015, 04:15 AM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, hailing from Parts Unknown, it’s the most electrifying man in culinary entertainment: Anthony Bourdain! Listen in as Tony takes Damian to Punk’s not always so glorious incubator of late 70’s New York and exposes the underside of the scene that produced so much unreliable music in it’s wake.

Also covered: -Growing up in a musical family -Buying the Question Mark & the Mysterians -Seeing Hendrix and Joplin at 12 -The problem of your friends discovering Gram Parsons -The Stooges: music for people that took speed -“These guys are going nowhere!” seeing Kiss for the first time -Seeing the Ramones for the first time -Following the girls from your high school to see the New York Dolls -Velvet Underground as college affectation -Romanticizing Heroin -No one was listening to this music -The Contortions and James White -The Heartbreakers should have been huge -The arrival of Hardcore -Richard Hell and The Voidoids: “I new I was going to like this band” -Feeding Johnny Thunders, Richard Lloyd and Mick Farren -The Nursery: the children punk themed after-hours that was run by some very grown up people -Adam and The Ants: “Oh fuck, well this is over” -Harley Flanagan: From the little kid king of Max’s to Jujitsu instructor to your little kid -Heading towards No Wave -The problems with the Stooges’ Raw Power -An amazing take on the Clash vs. Sex Pistoles!!!!! -Steely Dan but if they had different music! -The movie Dig -The masterpiece Mark Lanegan’s Bubblegum -The importance of music to the show -The worldwide underground music world -Where do you eat shitty road food if you are Anthony Bourdain? -The way heroin fucks with time -Being saved by vanity -Heroin addicts as the target for Crackheads in 1980’s New York -Jujitsu becoming a lifestyle -Having the best job on TV -The magiclessness of the era -Only missing the grindhouses of old New York -Cooking with Keith Richards -Doing The Taste for the hotel