Jaws 5

Oct 09, 2015, 12:00 AM

In which our heroes commend the original film for the genius it is, give the sequels their due, and consider the worthiness of the genre as they set their sights on writing the perfect Jaws sequel; Jaws 5: Legacy. We discuss the message of Deep Blue Sea, fix Terminator Genysys in about 20 seconds and discuss the downsides of the selective sequel. Gabe does his best to get a Jaws sequel to his name, Zammit outlines the struggle of loving comic books, and Edgoose just doesn't expect anyone to use the word elegant in this episode. So head on down to the beach, get in a bigger boat, and try not to get et. It's been safe to go back in the water for a while but now it isn't again.

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