Ep. 124: Interview with Michael A. Wood, Jr.


In this episode, Bob interviews former Baltimore PD Detective, Michael A. Wood, Jr. Michael talks about the incentives that drive detectives to close cases, come Hell or high water. The episode also includes the reveal of new information, in the "Don investigation."

Oct 09, 2015, 08:54 PM
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Pascal_1983 - almost 2 years ago

Wow, my eyes started to water right at the end there. This particular cast sure was a rollercoaster of different emotions. Then blew my mind unexpectedly. Loving the cast Bob. From a Serial, Undisclosed and now T&J listener. Sydney, AU.


tomjensyd - almost 2 years ago

Fascinating. I wanted to ask Jim, does the rendering unconscious (possibly with little or no warning) followed by the strangling while unconscious suggest that the murderer wanted to kill while causing minimal fear or hurt to the victim? Also does this not show that the murderer wanted the victim to die without thinking the suspect would do such a terrible thing.
I am completely persuaded that Adnan was unfairly imprisoned. However, llistening to this preliminary profile made Adnan, once again, seem a possible suspect. He often says he had no reason to "hurt" her. But it seems this murderer was surprisingly interested in killing Hey without causing her undue trauma, or loss of dignity. (odd thing to say, I know).


jroper - almost 2 years ago

The question is "Does Don know Jay?" That is the one thing stilling holding Adnan in this because he knew where Hae's car was and Adnan was the only connection to Jay (that we know of so far).


ABQ505 - almost 2 years ago

This does not surprise me. It was weird from the start with Don. He never seemed to be concerned about her missing and why falsify timesheets if you are innocent? Even if he did not work that day he should have had an alibi why make up a story. The police should have been all over this even more so than Adnan. Especially the fact that his mother and her partner were the managers! Something they would have known if they had investigated properly.


amandaderose - almost 2 years ago

Chills over the new Don information! Holy cow!