Dr. Lisa Psychochats with Mimi Hoops of The Chris Gethard Show

Oct 11, 2015, 11:40 PM

Mimi Hoops is one of a kind. She is herself to such a degree that compromising isn’t as much fun as doing all the amazing things she does! Yoga, improv, Hula Hooping. Mimi is most well known as the houla hooper of #TCGS The Chris Gethard Show. She's referred to as "kinetic wallpaper" because she hola-hoops the whole time in the background! It was her birthday-she is 62 only 3 years older than I am so we got to talk ab it about what it’s like being badass old ladies in the world of 20 and 30 something performers. http://thechrisgethardshow.com/about-the-show/