Episode 49 - Jason Hamacher (Frodus, Battery )

Oct 16, 2015, 05:52 AM

Jason Hamacher has spent the years documenting vanishing culture of Armenian Christians of Aleppo Syria. He is full of fascinating stories about a very interesting subject that is especially important given the current situation in Syria and he also played drums in the bands Battery and Frodus. In this episode of Turned Out A Punk, guess what Damian spends the time talking to him about? Listen in as the two discuss calling Ian MacKaye and an unreleased Ray Cappo Rap song. (For more info on Jason’s documenting work in Syria go to LostSoundSeries.com)

Also touched on: -Getting into punk via a stolen tape -Hating singing -“It all changed when Youth Of Today came to town” -Trying to correlate Inside Out’s Revelation:19 with the Bible’s Revolution19 -True Grit: No bass, all edge -Inside out, Insight and Go the first 7”s you need to buy -Playing first show you ever went to -Fighting to the soundtrack of super-half-assed-Hardcore -Buying the first Battery 7” at your first show years before joining -Tony Ogle from Coldside joins True Grit and it become headlock -Judge: The first emo band -Graham Williams: from Roadying for Battery and Hatebreed to running Fun Fun Fun Fest -Damian being stoned with a pizza in a elevator with Zach De La Rocha -Wanting your parents to move to Fairfax because Scream shouted them out -Being challenged by Avail -Lifetime made it acceptable for hardcore kids like pop-punk -“We heard they had a review in Maximum Rock And Roll” -Meeting a wasted Greg from Brotherhood -Rocking a homemade GO shirt hating on the grunge band: How Frodus comes together -Creek: pre-Darkest Hour -Future Dead Meadow members as no-showing chaperones -The Frodus/Foetus bass connection -Mudhoney meets Cupid Carclub meets Sheer Terror: finding your sound -Missing the Earth Crisis/ Snapcase/ Strife to record at Inner Ear -Frodus, Promise Ring, Refused, The Misfits, Fury Of Five, Integrity and Outstand: a show that actually happened -Coalesce: How can this be cost effective? -Braid and Frodus: tour buds -The OkGo punk and hardcore -Calling Ian MacKaye -Was it all the beef just in my head? -The DC hardcore scene beefing -Justin from Pitchblande: The Earth Crisis loving touring guitarist in LCD Sound-system -Managing Cave-In -Punk goes indie but rarely the reverse -Planning on pulling a “Fist Fight In The Parking Lot” at your kids wedding -Getting into Battery -WWE Hall of Famer and DC Hardcore kid: Lita -The use of poems in hardcore song -The unreleased Ray Cappo and Ken Oldman RAP SONG!!!!!! -Fort Knox: The Good Clean Fun/ Battery’s Lost and Found Records Diss rap track -A mid-set stabbing -“What kind of pomade are you using?” trying to hang with Snapcase -Identity in punk AND MORE!!!!