Episode 50 - Joey Cape (Lagwagon )

Oct 21, 2015, 05:58 PM

Hurry listeners! For this week we have a brief but packed episode with Joey Cape From Lagwagon! Hear Damian’s amazement as Joey talks about being abducted in to Punk at 12 and nearly not surviving only to wind up having it continue to shape his life 30 plus years later.

Also discussed: -GG Allin poops was too much -“Great” Punk Custodian -The records you could find without a mentor -The Dead Kennedys as entry point -Getting kidnapped by Matt Davis from Ratpack while in jr. high -The bass player shits in your kick drum, welcome to the band -Urban Assault: the pre-Ratpack and RKL, and Lag Wagon band -Misunderstanding the cities you visit -Growing up with RKL -Josh Brolin: Nardcore kid -Punk and drugs nearly killing you by 15 -The awesomeness of the west coast Revelation Records stuff -The mid 90s: “The Early Years of Punk” -Punk being considered dead in LA by ’85 -Whatever happened to the kids interviewed in Decline of Western Civilization Part 1? -Kids slamming to movies -Being embarrassed by your out put -Wishing you had maybe picked another job? -Seeing X at the Starwood for a first show -Sneaking out of the house with drums and high-hat -From gang dude to model -“A lot of the shows, someone would get stabbed”: Venice is no joke -Getting the crap beaten out of you a Beowulf show -The “end of the music business” was a good thing AND MORE!!!!