12 - Cameron James: Dirty Monogamy, Sunk Loto & MSN Messenger

Oct 26, 2015, 06:01 AM

This week on the podcast we had the wonderful, handsome and funny Cameron James ( (ABC's How Not To Behave, Triple J's Matt and Alex, RAW Comedy finalist, Blank Slate podcast)- straight from The Steel City via Sydney!!

We've talked about a lot of crazy stuff on the podcast so far but this week we talked about the dirtiest stuff we've ever gotten into.....MONOGAMY!!! EWWWWWWW YUCKYYYY

Cameron let us be mean to him about his cluelessness in the Modern Dating World right before he hit the stage to support controversial DudeBro comic Ari Shaffir.

This eppy is not only silly but also gets deep at times. OOOH!!!

we also talk about - our own personal experiences with the bands Sunk Loto & Silverchair -MSN Messenger romance - how do people actually have long term relationships in 2k15 - boys who are terrified of going down town (all young guys basically) - having like a totally CHILL LAIDBACK COOL WEDDING - jabbing


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