Breathing techniques for relaxation with yoga teacher Lucy Bruegger #35

Nov 01, 2015, 01:00 PM

If you had a simple breathing technique which helped you relax in stressful situations, get calm when you really needed it and even get to sleep at night, would you use it?

Today on Zestology podcast, some awesome stories, great fun, and an in depth look at three specific breathing techniques with Lucy Bruegger.

Lucy is a London based yoga teacher, a friend of mine and an awesome teacher with a very broad approach. I love Lucy’s work so much so I went and did some yoga with her in Greece (scroll down to see the amazing spot we went to). She’s had a huge number of different trainings not just in yoga but in all different types of meditative and spiritual practices, including, as you’ll hear, some surprising stories and some crazy experiences such as spending 11 days in a row saying absolutely nothing at all. A silent retreat. (There is no way I could ever do this. I might struggle with 11 minutes.)

Rest assured we talk all about that, and in fact dig into some of the most crazy personal development experiences it’s possible to have, followed by 3 breathing techniques for meditation, relaxation, and peace. They’re totally simple and you can try them as you listen. (Unless driving. Then listen after, please.)

When you listen you'll hear:

Silence for 11 Days [4:00] Sitting with strong determination [5:45] Learning self-reliance [8:20] Exploring your limits through sweat lodges [12:15] Exposing your own habits [14:40] No one can take away your potential of being happy [17:40] Meditation and breathing techniques [22:20] Cleaning and cleansing channels [26:15] Humming to cut through mind chatter [29:10] Ujjayi Breathing techniques [32:50] Lucy’s morning routine [37:10] No resistance & no expectations [41:20]

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