Episode 53 - Brian Venable ( LUCERO )

Nov 11, 2015, 02:14 PM

Brian Venable from Lucero is certainly not the first name you think of when you think of the militant Hardline movement. But before he was playing to a diehard fanbase all over the world, he was Bald Bry singing back ups on the Raid 7”. Needless to say, Damian is pretty stoked to be recording this one. Listen as the two talk about Brian’s Punk journey through Hardline and just how frighteningly real it almost got.

Also covered:

-Fear of reunions

-The Bata Shoe Museum

-Sobering Conséquences

-Needing punk

-The Nots (Memphis)

-The Flipside Tape

-Buying the NOTA 7”

-Skipping school to pick up the Toxic Shock

-Growing to like Infest

-Not liking Chain Of Strength

-Is Slipknot the best 7” on Revelation?

-Econochrist/Bold and AntiSeen/Even Score: diverse bills

-Finding out Warzone wasn’t a straight edge band

-Memphis: the dirtier and rougher side of things

-United fighting rednecks

-Having to get past hating AntiSeen

-The Sex Pistols’ Taco Bell

-Pazuzu: Memphis Core

-One Way: pre-Raid Christian Straight Edge

-The Raid and Antischism Show

-Stompcrew: Memphis Hardline

-Libido Boyz

-Straight Edge is dead: “It’s Hardline now”

-Sean Vegan Reich

-The realness of it and the fantasy

-It was Punk and I was Hardcore

-Falling asleep during Social Distortion

-Being into Skating

-“Judge is the Prototype”

-The Integrity/Raid connection

-Getting in to Ministry

-Blind Approach getting into the Beastie Boys

-How Cyprus Hill ruined Raid.

-The Raid weed-Rap-Rock reocrd

-Getting kicked of Hardline

-The first Hardline Gathering

-How real it nearly got

-Giving up on it

-Meeting William from Copout and getting saved

-Man With Guns

-Bald Bry

-The Coolness of Goner Records

-The Oblivions

-Jay Reatard and double dong

-Lucero and Tragedy: not the best of friends

-The Judge Rhino Handmade Boxset

-The Victory Records Raid LP


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ElianaNolan - almost 2 years ago

Memphis is a tough city, that's for sure!