WildSound Winner: We're going on a beach hunt, by Ellie Tapley (aged 5)

Nov 12, 2015, 09:20 PM

Here is the wonderful winning entry, by Ellie Tapley, for our Wildlife Explorers competition, WildSound. Here's some more information about what inspired Ellie, written by her parents:

Our daughter Ellie decided she wanted to do this. Based on her favourite book (We're going on a bear hunt by Micheal Rosen and Helen Oxenbury) we went off to the beach on holiday to record the sounds on a very windy day. She called it 'We're going on a beach hunt'.
She wanted to show the sounds you get when you run onto the beach and into the sea. You can hear her running through dunes (marram grass and sand), over the crispy washed up seaweed and sticks, over the pebbles/ stones, across the wet sand and into the sea where she jumps over the waves.
She did this all in one take and I was so proud of her listening and understanding how nature makes wonderful noises . The sound I think just reflects what the beach is all about. Also how sound therapy through nature can transport us all to a place we recognise well, can lose ourselves in and usually have fond memories of.
She said 'with grass its goes swishy swishy, with the sand it goes all through your toes, the sticks they go crunch crunch, the pebbles all bang together, the water trickles, the wind whooshes and the waves crash'.