Episode 54 - Ryan Penagos ( Marvel Comic's Agent M )

TOAP FANS ASSEMBLE! This week on the show Marvel’s Agent M aka Ryan Penagos has Damian deep in to the recesses of Marvel’s New York Office for a crossover spectacular! Hear talk of wrestling, comics, and punk; and see how they all connect! This is a Marvel Team-Up Event, so subscribe to Marvel’s Podcast to hear the other half …‘Nuff Said!…

Also covered:

-The Punk/ Comic connection

-The Awesome Artie Philie

-Headbanger’s Ball and glimpses of Hardcore

-Roadrunner, Madball and Sick Of It All

-Metal reping punk

-Obituary is the most Hardcore of the metal bands

-Mr. Cheepo’s and Slipped Disc

-Going with your uncle to a NIN’s show and him fighting security.

-The importance of H2O

-Was Avail “the Greatest” band ever?

-Shopping for essential out of hardcore distros

-The Great Muddle Fanzine

-The Internet and punk

-The Alt.hardcore boards and World Affairs

-Taking photos

-Silent Majority: Long Island’s Band?

-Your Brain quitting math at the College level

-SUNY Purchase: booking crazy band

-Court Bauer and MLW

-Seeing Paul Heyman in a Record Store

-Going to ECW with Travis from This Is Hell

-The Dream Evening

-The Punk/ Wrestling/ Comic Connection

-Wizard and Toy Fare!!!!

-“I’m going wear the Venom tie!”

-Going to the Marvel Editorial Retreats

-Landing the gig at Marvel

-The modern bullpen and the creation of Agent M

-2006: Before everything changes

-Other punk in comics

-Getting a mall to make you CR

-Damian’s unending nightmare of the CM Punk interview

-And more!!!!!

Nov 18, 2015, 01:00 PM
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