Makes No Sense At All - Nashville Song Cover - Acoustic Guitar Track

Nov 28, 2015, 06:34 AM

Recording of the song 'Makes No Sense At All' from the show Nashville that I performed and engineered for a collaboration. Tracked the acoustic guitar with one Audio Technica AT2020 condenser mic pointed at the 14th fret about five inches away from the guitar. EQ'ed out ~4dB around 350Hz, HP filter at around 80Hz, pulled out a little around 2-3kHz. Then EQ'ed again with an API 550, pulling out 9dB of 400HZ, added 6dB of 12.5kHz. Waves LA-2A in limiter mode with max 5dB of limiting. Parallel Waves RVerb Plate reverb with Abbey Road EQ technique panned hard left. Stereo buss is an SSL buss compressor set transparent for about 1-2 dB gain reduction at 2.1 ratio. EQ is SSL G strip with HP filter on 60Hz, pulling out about 3dB of 500HZ, pushing about 1.5dB of 11.5kHz. Topped off with Waves L2 for subtle volume. #Nashvilleshow #Waves #ProTools #Acousticmusic #Coversong #API #Wavesplugins #Avid