Healthy Living November 29th with Dr Ross Walker and David Prior

Nov 30, 2015, 08:24 AM

This Week: Alcohol is sending hundreds of thousands of people to emergency departments each year, far outranking the scourge of Ice. Medical scientists have invented a new spinal fusion device to reduce chronic back pain, the most common reason for pain and disability in people aged under 50. Forget the latest weight-loss fad - science may already have worked out what diet is best for you. Experts say a personalised approach could transform the way people lose weight. Waking early on work days, not good for health. In recent years, law enforcement agencies have sought to integrate a number of non-lethal alternatives to deadly force into their arsenal of crime-fighting weapons. Is the Taser Really a “Non-Lethal” Weapon? Solar-D sunscreen developed to block bad sunlight, but retain the good sunlight needed this summer.