Episode 56 - Joe Casey (Protomartyr)

Hello, and welcome to a super packed show!!!! First and foremost Joe Casey of the incredible Protomartyr sits down to discuss getting a late start in performing, the hope given by the Fall and buying your way into a band. Listen in as the two go deep into Joe’s journey. If that wasn’t enough, also stick around at the end of the episode for the first episode of TurnedOutAPunkFootNotes!!!! A new show where Damian and fellow Punk/Hardcore obsessive Chris O’Toole discuss and dissect a previous episode, this week it is Jacob and Nate from Converge episode. PHEW!

Also talked about:

-Alt Rock Radio out of Windsor

-Buying vinyl instead of tapes

-The punk lineage University Of Detroit Jesuit

-Were you at the poo in the pit fest?

-Parka Kings the more tradition side of the Detroit Ska scene

-Loving Mint Records

-Staying away from the Skate Punk

-Making fake posters and fake records

-The Epileptics

-Blank 77 look like a punk should

-Thee Headcoates

-Meeting Kevin from Tyvek

-The unending gift of The Fall

-The hope Mark E. Smith gives people who can’t sing

-Dave Thomas: The type of jerk you hope he would be

-Touring with Tyvek

-Fucked Up in Montreal

-Huggin’ the Fridge for warmth

-The awesomeness of Psychedelic Horseshit

-Singers secret: Never let them

-People are nicer to you if you and IN the band

-Joining the Buttbabies

-Trying to shoehorn yourself into Tyvek

-“You just hang around.”

-Idiot Man child or Protomartyr

-Things you shouldn’t drink in your 20’s

-The various fears of crowds

-Playing wasted or without glasses

-The disturbing nature of the front row

-The fear of getting comfortable on stage

-Two shows a day, a singers nightmare

-The gross things you try to save your voice

-What is “old”?

-Small “F” famous, capital “P” poor.

-Talking John Brannon about goldfish

-The perks of being a “Detroit Band”

and more!!!!!

Dec 03, 2015, 04:25 AM
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