#14 Tone Bell - How to Book Multiple TV Shows, Comedy Marketing Secrets, Hollywood Networking Tricks

Dec 07, 2015, 01:03 PM

Tone Bell is one of comedy’s most relevant and rising stars. He has been voted as Comedy Central’s Comic to watch, Variety’s top 10 comics, and TV Guide’s fall talent to watch. Tone candidly reveals industry insights pertinent to fans and performers alike. Everything from the engineering of television shows to financial woes you have to hear to believe. Tone also talks about how his extensive experience as a brand ambassador of Anheuser Busch helped him climb the Hollywood ladder to be one of TV’s most promising talents. This episode takes place is Mr. Bell’s lavish LA abode and is co hosted by Levi the dog, so park it and bark it with Hot Breath, Levi, and Tone Bell.

Listeners can expect to learn in detail about:

  • Working in TV
  • Networking secrets
  • How money in Hollywood really works 

  • The shocking TV rating system

  • How to conduct yourself professionally

  • The business side of show business

  • Working with Will Packer

  • Finding your market

  • Setting your standards

  • Email etiquette

Quoteworthy Quotes:

  • "I've received a 150K check from a TV network and after tax and commission was only paid 19K."
  • "Don't say yes for the money."
  • "Find your focus."
  • "No is more powerful than yes."
  • "Being funny is a very small portion of being successful in TV and film."

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