Letter to Sarah

Jun 22, 2011, 06:16 PM, Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
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Kerkedijk - over 6 years ago

Thanks for your thoughts. I left the emotional bit in, I was going to do it again and then thought not to, it is exactly as I feel when I think about her, she is my little girl (27 now), when did she grow up or how did that happen so fast? Maire


Jackbee - over 6 years ago

A really beautiful write, this one Maire, and quite emotionally narrated


passionfruit - over 6 years ago

Lovely emotions displayed in the voice, Maire. Beautiful ans sweeeeet with full of LOVE.xxxA


Kerkedijk - over 6 years ago

Thanks Sue, it really started out as a normal letter but became a poem and I think the reading of it will be more meaningful to her than the paper I sent her. Maire


suemorgan - over 6 years ago

I loved this - I could hear the emotion, the tremble, in your voice and this made Sarah's absence and the poem even more poignant. This is such a heartfelt poem and one to keep close.


Kerkedijk - over 6 years ago

Sent this to Sarah on 22 June 2011.