Radio Victory close

Jun 24, 2011, 11:56 AM

Stations ‘close down’ for a number of reasons. They go broke, they change brands; or their licence to broadcast is rescinded, or ends and is not renewed.

In the days of commercial radio’s first regulator, the IBA, franchises to broadcast were awarded; and these were rolled upon satisfactory performance. In later days, fixed terms were awarded, at the end of which a new competitive beauty contest would decide whether the incumbent should live to fight another day.

All regulators have, quite rightly, needed a decent reason to replace a licensee. A very poor regulatory record or on the edge of bankruptcy; or just a case of not quite taking the hint about what they should be doing in the ensuing term. Famously, the original LBC lost its licence in 1983; albeit the brand name was to return, in due course, under its successor .

Witness here the last days of Radio Victory in Portsmouth, the first station to lose its right to broadcast. It had been a slightly more complex battle as its franchise ended; a new larger area was being offered by the IBA and three groups put their heads above the parapet. It was told it had lost out to Ocean Sound in 1985 and closed down on 28th June the following year. Chris Carnegy delivered the final words beautifully; and he subsequently touched down at the replacement station which launched four months later.