#16 Karlous Miller Brings Two Strippers to Drop Wild n' Out Stories, Comedy Game Learned from Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon + MORE

Dec 21, 2015, 01:08 PM

Karlous Miller calls this interview his “Rick James moment” and has the dancing strippers to prove it. Unfortunately, this is before we started video recording so you will just have to use your imagination but there are a lot of golden comedy insights and stories also shared during our talk. This interview was captured before Karlous officially “blew up” so you are getting a rare behind the scenes glimpse of a star in the making. You can also hear his new follow-up interview (#135) where we discuss his fresh fame linked below.

2018 Karlous interview: https://audioboom.com/posts/6891033-135-karlous-miller-s-show-business-secrets-every-real-comedian-should-know

Must Hear Talking Points:

  • Karlous pays strippers to strip during the interview

  • Booking MTV’s Wild n’ Out

  • Instagram comedians vs. Stand-Up comedians

  • Game learned from Nick Cannon

  • Comedy business lessons learned the hard way

  • Learning comedy from Mike Epps

  • Urban vs. Mainstream comedy

  • Meeting Gucci Mane

  • What’s wrong with comedy today

  • Common comic mistakes to avoid

    Quotable Quotes:

  • “If you feel like you’re a star star, you’ve gotta create yourself.”

  • “Nobody is going to make money for you, they want to make money off you!”

  • “This is my Rick James moment.”

  • “I have six or seven TV shows lined-up that could pop at any moment.”

  • “I know Mike Epps and I will be doing epic shit in the future.”




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