Episode 59 - Neko Case (Maow, New Pornographers)

Dec 23, 2015, 07:42 PM

It is a Turned Out A Punk Holiday spectacular! This week we are joined by the amazing Neko Case! Having been a fan for a long time, Damian is beside himself excited to talk to the former Maow drum hitter turned music icon; about growing up a Seattle punk. Also, there is a holiday Robot Of All Robots at the end of the program!!!! Also Discussed: -Never been to Newfoundland. -Rudy loves the Ramones. -The non-cultural mecca of Vancouver Washington. -Loving the Go-Go’s. -Going to a punk fashion show with punk food. -“You need an old church run by sketchy adults”. -Seeing DOA and Fastbacks AND NoMeansNo and Accused all in one night! -The AWESOMENESS of the Fastbacks. -Nils Bernstein. -Being ashamed of not recognizing the amazingness of women like Poison Ivy in Rock. -“GETTING DRUGS IS SO MUCH WORK!” -Tacoma: The outlet mall of bad drugs. -The logic of smoking. -An open approach to parenting. -It’s not just music for dudes. -The Melvins. -Girl Trouble. -Malfunktion. -There were some fucking creeps. -People turning their backs on Tacoma. -Cub. -The Seaweed and The Smugglers connection. -Mecca Normal: The Bridge Band -The U-Men -The Shared DNA of Seattle bands -Playing for a dirty Turkey: The Propanes and The Del-Logs -The poster trove!!!! -Moving to Vancouver Canada -Growing up on the CBC in America -Maow: having to fight for everything. -Misogyny in rock -Neko and Daman’s future hang out in Montreal plans -Some Nirvana talk -The Sad Era -AND MORE!!!!!!