Episode 60 - Freddie Pompeii (Viletones, Secrets)

This week on Turned out A Punk, it is legit legends week as we welcome, guitarist of the legendary Viletones, Freddie Pompeii the show for a legendary episode. Hear stories of acid fuelled Velvet Underground experiences to laying the foundation of Punk and being in arguably the most important Canadian punk band ever.

-The Abridge Version: 60’s Garage “Punk”

-Bubble: Dot Records Recording Artists

-Going to Mariposa Music Festival

-Beating the The Draft

-A band with Dan’s brother Peter Ackroyd

-Meeting Mickey from the Curse

-A Weed Bust

-Experiments in Fuzz: learning to play guitar in prison

-Peter Panic: one-man-proto-punk

-Getting fired from the Gasworks: Meeting Steve Leckie

-The Southern Ontario Circuit and eating Moose meat spaghetti,

-“Freddie, What are you Into man!?!?!”: Getting Punked

-Being a country songwriter.

-Seeing the Velvet Underground play a Sister Ray… in a coffee shop… ON ACID!

-Snorting coke and smoking weed in the lobby during Genesis

-The New York Dolls and KISS (“Just a rock metal band”) at Massy Hall

-Seeing an ad in the paper for the a band

-Forming the Viletones

-Zoom and Chris Hate

-The Viletones and the self-mutilation on stage and in the audience.

-Touring the US for the

-The Reds

-Ben Vaughn Combo

-Other US shows

-Bleecker Bob taking you to the hospital

-The Diodes

-Teenage Head: Friends from the start

-Lydia Lunch puling you off the stage to have her way with you.

-The Cramps and Suicide opening for the Canadian Weekend at CBGB’s

-“The Nazi Thing” an attempt at parody

-The Viletones on the CBC

-The Media buzz

-The almost UK debut

-Enter The Secrets: The end of the Viletones

AND MORE!!!!!!

Dec 30, 2015, 09:42 AM
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