IMO/REAL MEDIA: Grassroots campaigns - Fuel Poverty Action

Dec 30, 2015, 11:45 AM

The second of our podcasts with Real Media on successful environmental grassroots campaigns. This one focuses on Fuel Poverty Action, a campaign started by activists from Climate Camp to address the real economic issue of fuel poverty, highlighting the hardship and fatalities faced by vulnerable people locked in expensive contracts with profiteering energy companies.

We talked Ruth London about the work they do. One of their actions not mentioned in the podcast is the implementation of an energy bill of rights, which they describe as:

"giving people inspiration and confidence to stand up against the rip-off Big 6 energy companies who are leaving us to freeze and to join the movement for a clean, affordable and renewable energy system owned by us."

More info on this and the rest of the campaign at: and @fuelpovaction

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