Episode 61 - Suroosh Alvi (Co-Founder of Vice)

What is success? Well in the Turned Out A Punk universe it is having the founder of the self-professed “punkzine" that became a multi-billion dollar media juggernaut, Vice Co-Founder Suroosh Alvi! Sit back as Damian talks to his friend about going from Husker Du shows, to Man’s Ruin Records distros to owning and running a major news outlet.

Also touched on


-Matty Matheson

-Cancer Bats

-Husker Du

-High School in Minneapolis


-Rifle Sport

-Working at Big Money Records

-Working side by side with Har Mar Superstar

-A New Day Rising with nothing to do on Christmas Day

-An older brother getting you into metal


-The racism of 70’s Toronto

-The Montreal hate of Toronto

-The Vice romanticism of Montreal

-Answer Me! and the other boarder line hate literature of the late 90s

-Vice and punk

-Going to a Run DMC show in Chicago in 1985

-Guitars and Rappers

-The Ultra-Violent Booze Catastrophe

-The Pre-Vice Records label: SSG Records

-“Fuck All’ Y’all, we are out of here.”

-Vice moves to New York.

-Man’s Ruin

-“We have to make this work!”

-Getting the Misfits back together

-And much more!

Jan 06, 2016, 01:00 PM
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