Episode 62 - Zach Blair (Rise Against, Gwar, Hagfish)

Jan 13, 2016, 11:09 PM

Hello Friends! This week on show, Damian sits down with his friend and Rise Against’s Zach Blair for a chat. Hear about Zach's journey in music from playing in one of Damian favorite bands Hagfish, to Gwar, to playing in a band with hero Bill Stevenson. All of which was done before even joining Rise Against!

Also covered: -Damian’s love of Hagfish -Being fucked by being weird in small town North Texas -Collecting The No Wave Compilation -“And then thrash Metal happened.” -“If it was fast and offensive or satanic I was down”: Buying Black Flag and Slayer on the same day -Terry Glaze era Pantara chilling at the mall -A football style rock and roll dad -The inspiration Rigor Mortis -Harm’s Way… the Texas band -The Government Flu -We just liked punk -“Even October Crisis!” Liking all thing Bill Stevenson -Hash Palace: Dallas Grunge -The fortuitous breakdown of the all bus -Hagfish’s first record Buickmen -True regional success -Signing to London Records: We were the Green Day to the them -Wool -Bad Brains -Shawn Roadie for Poison Idea to Guitar tech for the Foo Fighters -Playing with the Meat Puppets and Folk Implosion -Behind the Music on Hagfish -Working at the tattoo shop -Oliver Peck -Joining Gwar -The DIY spirit of GWAR -Dave Grohl: “Holy Shit you were in GWAR!!!!!” -Dave Brockie’s genius and demons -Quitting Gwar -The Armstrong record -Getting a call from Russ Rankin about Only Crime AND MORE!!!!!!!