6: The importance of listening and 5 technology shortcuts to improve your life with Rey Brown

Jan 26, 2016, 10:00 PM

Rey Brown recalls working at Circuit City in 2003 when he was transferred to the mobile phone department. It was around the time the first BlackBerry® phone hit the market. Little did he know then that he would eventually be devoting a good amount of his time discussing mobile technology via podcasting, a term virtually unheard of a decade or so ago but widely popular today.

Brown spent time working for wireless carriers and device manufacturers over the years, including helping Verizon Solutions Specialists learn about Motorola Droid phones. Based on his interactions with customers, which he enjoyed, he quickly realized he wanted to help others better understand how mobile technology could improve their lives in ways they may not realize.

Brown decided he wanted to help people get more out of their devices. Brown’s mother was the director of several daycare centers, and he started teaching weekend classes when the kids weren’t there. He also discovered podcasting, realizing the potential it had for reaching others.