Conversations. Episode 1: Ron Coles

Jan 23, 2016, 11:46 AM

This is the first in an occasional RadioMoments series of hour-long programmes called ‘Conversations’ – in which we talk to those who’ve made a difference to our medium, both on and off-air. A chance to reflect calmly and personally on a lifetime in radio, before the memories are forgotten. In the first edition, we hear from Ron Coles. Ron tells of his formative influences - his days at BH and of the early vulnerable days for BBC Local Radio in Sheffield and Nottingham. He offers insight into the challenges of commercial radio in the early 80s, illustrated through his tales of the regulator, the trade body, the personalities at Trent, and the Company’s subsequent expansion. He tells too of the regional radio licences he won and launched – and the things he might have done differently. The voice of a man who grew up reveling in radio comedy and rock and roll; this is the story of Ron Coles.