15 - Cleo Bachelor Michael Hing more like HNNNG amirite lol

Jan 27, 2016, 01:27 AM


we have failed miserably at our resolution to release the podcast more frequently!!!!

anyway this week it's a very momentous occasion as we have our VERY FIRST CLEO BACHELOR* (nominee), Michael Hing!!! He is also a comedian but don't hold that against him!! You may also know him from ABC's Good Game, triple j or Tinder.

*Cleo hadn't announced that the magazine was closing down when we recorded the podcast. We are unsure whether Michael is to blame.


  • inter-racial dating & racism ("once you're a rich bro it doesn't matter what colour you are")

  • michael hing''s "Australian Story"

creepy white guys (this is some highlights from the blog we were talking about http://www.buzzfeed.com/hnigatu/10-ridiculously-offensive-things-people-tell-asian-women-on#.iplA1V4zdo)

"modern" weddings. is it ok to get married if you disagree with the current definition of marriage?

  • Bumble

  • that time Rose was sexually harassed when she was being interviewed by a police officer

  • when michael was the only one on tinder & his creepy fan tinder moment ("she liked my comedy page")

  • "i bought my grandmother an ipad" and what went terribly, terribly wrong

Buy tickets to Michael's copmedy festival show "The Unbearable Whiteness of Being!" http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/michael-hing-the-unbearable-whiteness-melbourne-victoria-27-03-2016/event/13004F9ECCFACD10?artistid=1957181&majorcatid=10002&minorcatid=51

Micahel's podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/free-to-a-good-home/id688728661?mt=2

https://twitter.com/hingers?lang=en http://michaelhing.com/

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