Episode 64 - MVP (WWE, NJPW)

LET’S GET READY TO CROSS THE WRESTLING/PUNK THRESHOLD! This week on the show Damian welcomes on of his favorite wrestler; former WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, TNA superstar… MVP! Listen in as the two discuss MVP’s journey from being a kid in a gang to who was sent to prison, to becoming a pro wrestler, to then ascending to the very heights of the industry; all while maintaining a love of punk and hardcore.

Also covered

-The music racial divides breaking down.

-Skinheads in Vitamins stores.

-Dead Kennedy's is a very scary name to a little kid looking through the paper.


-“My car, my music”.

-The amazingness of the Bad Brains.

-Open Records in Miami.

-Red Hot Chile Peppers.

-Fire and Ice and drinking beers with the Skins.

-MDC as a first show.

-Getting caught in the mosh.

-An alternative to gang fights.

-Churchill’s: Miami CBGB’s.

-Having trying to find punk and hardcore in prison.

-The joy of Tampa Community radio.

-Reconnecting with the guitar played from FWA.

-Experiencing the alternative revolution from Glade’s Correctional Workcamp

-Getting Fanzines in Prison

-Blue Note Records in Miami

-Going to Warped Tour

-Too much mosh for the Warped Tour.

-Hearing Orange 9mm on the radio

-Chaka Malik is THE GREATEST!

-Robbie Brookside: the wrestler’s wrestler and the punk’s punk

-Quitting WWE to go to NJPW: Punk as fuck

-Having to choose punk or wrestling.

-Working with Kimbo Slice


-Japan is awesome!!!!

-Never meeting Lemmy

-Bittersweet: Finally getting to see the Bad Brains

-Seeing Living Color

-Going to Coachella with Gaslight Anthem

-Wrestling: Lovin’ the craft hating the business

-Purple Docs and Purple Drink

-Beef with Fugazi

-And More!

Jan 27, 2016, 02:12 PM
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