16 - Catherine Kelleher - SXC SLASHY

Feb 10, 2016, 11:41 AM

This week we have our favourite SLASSSSSS$YYYYY: former pop star (Catcall), writer and current filmmaker - Sydney It-Gal, Catherine Kelleher!


  • our burgeoning acting careers
  • Catherine’s dark past as a troubled kid on Home & Away
  • “he was probably a fuckboi skater or something”
  • Catherine’s tennis obsession
  • thirsty tennis Tinder
  • when Rose and Cathy met and she was an accidental bitch-slash-super-shy
  • Kim Sears racist?
  • Cath's LA internet dating story
  • the Cun-naissance(TM)
  • the bi-curious women of Tinder
  • is it best to have as high a match % as possible?
  • Kirsten and Rose's yung menz
  • Rose MOVES OUT
  • Kirsten's sex toys get stolen
  • gal app Her
  • Rose is off girls and Kirsten is onto them (or trying to get on one)

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