Series 19 Ep.3 - Gravitational waves detected for the first time!

Feb 12, 2016, 06:31 AM

Stories in this episode:

Gravitational waves detected for the first time Ripples in the fabric of spacetime known as gravitational waves have been directly seen for the first time. The historic announcement ends months of speculation and rumor.

The Great Attractor Hundreds of galaxies hidden from view behind the Milky Way have been unveiled in unprecedented detail providing astronomers with new information about a mysterious object known as the Great Attractor. The findings shed new light on this massive gravitational anomaly, which appears to be drawing hundreds of thousands galaxies including the Milky Way towards it with a gravitational force equivalent to millions of billions of Suns.

Earth's Ancient Crust Scientists have discovered 2.5 billion year old material from the ancient Earth in lava that's erupted from some oceanic volcanoes. The findings are the first evidence that Archean era planetary crust is being recycled through the mantle.

Activity discovered on Saturnian moon Dione An 800 kilometre long mountain range on the Saturnian ice moon Dione is providing scientists with clues about how active the distant frozen world once was. The discovery also hints at possible continued activity even today.

North Korea Satellite failure The satellite launched by North Korea last week appears to have failed to activate and is orbiting the Earth dead in space. The object which had been tumbling but had now stabilized but has failed to communicate with ground stations.

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