02/12/2016 Granato & Raheel with Del Hour 1

Feb 12, 2016, 05:10 PM

It’s Friday and the guys are not at Nick’s place. That’s right there is nothing wrong with your radio, the guys are live in the studio. They guys start the hour off by talking about some pretty big rumors swirling around the Rockets. Will they trade Dwight Howard? Who will they get to replace him? Under Daryl Morey the Rockets have made some pretty interesting player acquisitions, will Morey make the right trade? In other news its Valentine’s Day this Sunday, are you ready for the big day? We got ESPN Social Guru Andy Pondillo giving you some tips on how to make this Valentine’s memorable. #johnraheeldel #dwighthoward #rockets #nba #darylmorey #valentinesday #espnradio