Episode 67 - Steve Sladkowski (PUP)

Feb 17, 2016, 12:30 PM

We don’t have a minute to spare cause this week on the show Damian is joined by Steve Sladkowski from Pup! Listen as the two generations of Toronto band people talk about all things punk in Toronto in the 2000’s. The two also discuss heavier topics about abuse and power in punk surroundings that Pup witnessed on a tour this past summer.

Also touched on: -Being a Toronto band. -Touring Across Canada. -Remembering where you were when Jimmy got shot on Degrassi -Harassing Dave Bidini for guitar lessons -Neurotica -The power of Canadian music in the 90’s -Play De Record -Meeting the future Pups in music class. -Hearing the Planet Smashers and starting a Ska band. -Massy Hall. -Tommy: the Musical Live!!! -Seeing Beck open for the Rolling Stones. -Covering Choking Victim. -Sneaking into the Horseshoe: the Fort Knox Of Venues. -The pay-to play trap that sucks bands in. -The Deadly Snakes. -Dan Burke, Toronto luminary -“Reverb Rats” -Gentrification -The plight of all-ages in Toronto -Shawn Scallen -Yogi and the House of Targ -Royal Mountain Records -Joe Sibb and Side One Dummy -Menzingers. -Jeff Rosenstock and Bomb The Music Industry. -Being on the Warped Tour from the inside. -Jess Flynn Photographer. -Blink 182 and Bad Religion at the Molson Amphitheatre -Silverstien -WonderYears AND MORE!!!!!