Conversations. Episode 4: Steve England

Feb 21, 2016, 09:42 PM

From an enthusiastic pirate broadcaster in the complex second wave of offshore stations through to building the UK’s leading jingle company which ruled for a generation, via a spell in the early days of Piccadilly, this is the Steve England story – in his own words.

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polymnio - over 1 year ago

Hi David,

And thank you for your kind comments.

It's been my pleasure to sing your name, over the years. I just wish everyone's name was as lyrical as yours; Bihkram Bamra and Sean Organ are two of the more challenging ones that spring to mind. :-)

Best wishes.



davidlloyd - over 1 year ago

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the comments - and, yes, you are right about Mister England!

(I recall you in those early eighties days too at the sessions. What a voice!)


David Lloyd


polymnio - over 1 year ago

Absolutely fascinating account of a life, richly spent, in radio. Having worked for Steve for 35 years, you'd think I would have heard all this before, but far from it; forbearance and modesty are only two of Steve's many extraordinary qualities.

I would like to thank him, here, for his confidence in the rough and ready rock 'n' roll kid who turned up at Alfasound for one of his first commercial sessions back there in 1981.

Steve Butler