BitcoinVirgins E1 Hakim Mamoni & Michael Parsons

Jan 29, 2014, 12:03 PM

Welcome to Bitcoin Virgins. Over the coming weeks this podcast series will be bringing you commentary and interviews from some of the most prominent thought leaders, government advisers and entrepreneurs in the world of Bitcoin, as they explain bitcoin and crypto currencies to the uninitiated and we will discuss the ways in which Bitcoin is set to transform the world of money and finance for ever.

As the name suggests BitcoinVirgins is designed to make this topic accessible to all, newcomers and experts alike.

This week on BitcoinVirgins we have Michael Parsons, Bitcoin Thought-Leader, Presenter and Entrepreneur and Hakim Mamoni Co-Founder and CTO at Seedcoin Virtual Incubator.

LIVE EVENTS We will also be organising regular live events across the UK and later on in Europe, in association with our sponsors UK investor Forums. Our first live event is “All about the Money” is on Tuesday 25th February in London and will focus on Bitcoin and Gold. To find our more go to and click on Event Details.


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More information on Seedcoin, CREDITS This interview is brought to you in association with UK Investor Forums and Seedcoin, the world's first seed-stage Bitcoin start-up virtual incubator and was recorded on Tuesday the 21st of January 2014 Interview produced, edited and conducted by Malcolm Palle and featured Michael Parsons of BitcoinByte and Hakim Mamoni Co-Founder and CTO at SeedCoin

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