2014 the year of the Gold Bull Re-boot? Podcast Interview with John Butler

Jan 29, 2014, 11:10 AM

Today's interview is with John Butler, Chief Investment officer of the Amphora Commodities fund and author of The Golden Revolution.

In this interview John will bring us up to speed with conditions in the gold market and where he sees the price heading over the course of 2014. We discuss the prospects and likelihood of Fed Tapering and we also cover the recent price probe into the London Gold Fix and whether this arcane benchmark is still relevant in today's age of computerised trading.

John will also be one of the guest speakers at our forthcoming investor evening which is “All about the Money” on Tuesday 25th February in London and will focus on Gold and Bitcoin. To find our more go to ukinvestorforums.com and click on Event Details. “All about the Money” is in association with UK investor Forums.


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