Preparing to Pitch an Investor

Feb 27, 2016, 06:46 AM

This weeks episode is all about getting prepared to #pitch an #investor

Tomorrow I’ll be making my first #pitch to #Investors as the Owner of #Snagga’s Healthy Sausages.

I discuss the 5 Steps I have taken to be prepared:

  1. Test the #business model - Meet with an #Angel Investor prior to launching the business.

  2. #Legals - Meeting with a Melbourne Law firm specialisising in the Tech Scene. To discuss Company Structures, Shareholder Agreements, Equity deals, Convertible notes etc.

  3. #Capital Raisings - Met with the Chairman of a Capital Investment Group, who have invested in hospitality Companies and gained some insight into what they look for in businesses.

  4. Advice on how and what to Pitch -Meeting on Skype with a colleague who is an advisor that specialises in Capital Raisings, Mergers & Acquisitions and has experience in Founding Companies.

  5. Preparing our #PitchDeck