Tamil Actor Rajinikanth in Management Books: P C Balasubramanian, Bestselling Author ep19

Feb 18, 2016, 12:10 AM

PC Balasubramanian (Bala) is an entrepreneur and a bestselling author. His first two books  have a very interesting theme: Tamil movie icon Rajinikanth. Rajinis Punchatanra and Grand Brand Rajini are essentially management books. He followed up his nonfiction books with a fiction novel - Ready, Steady, Exit.

Bala and I discuss his journey as an author, his passion for writing, how he manages time between running his company and authoring and marketing his books. We also talk about how bookwriting has led to him getting invited to speak at corporate events. We of course talk about Rajinikanth, and for the first time on MyKitaab Podcast, we end the discussion with a punchline from a Bollywood Tamil movie.

In his professional avatar, Bala is a Chartered Accountant and the Executive Director & President of Matrix Group. He also contributes articles now and then to newspapers and magazines especially on subject relating to Retailing and FMCG industries.


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