Should CEOs Have Presence on Social Media? episode04

Feb 24, 2016, 09:20 AM

In this episode, Kiruba and Amar weigh in on the advantages and downsides if CXOs of organizations have a presence on Social Media. They discuss how LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn Pulse can be used to create visibility and thought leadership. With Twitter, CXOs can get the feel of 'on the ground' perceptions and reactions of customers and stakeholders alike. They quote Anand Mahindra as  a leader who has used this medium effectively. The downside is that negative reactions to tweets by Corporate leaders (Marc Andressen's tweet about Freebasics and Rahul Yadav's episode) are cited as examples. 

Both Kiruba and Amar consider Quora as a hidden gem, one that companies should seriously look at. the show includes recommendations for CXOs on where and how the could begin their social media presence.

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