How Can Your Business Benefit From Podcasts? Part II

Feb 16, 2016, 05:00 PM

In this podcast episode, Kiruba and Amar continue their discussion on how can businesses benefit from podcasts. Specifically, they talk about podcasting for startups, small and large companies,breaking the language barrier in India, and podcasts for personal branding.

Examples provided in this discussion include Y conbinator and Stanford University's How To Start a Startup Podcast, Professor Sidney Finkelstein's video blogs at Tuck School of Business in the education space. For startups, podcasts can be a free PR, example being podcast called Startup by Gimlet Media. For small businesses, Kiruba and Amar talk about NPR's Car Talk  Podcast and the opportunity for companies like Wishberry. Finally, for personal branding examples of YouTube Celebrity Chef Sanjay Thumma and Robin Sharma's podcast are discussed.

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