Why Should Marketers Keep Quora in Their Digital Marketing Toolkit? episode05

Mar 02, 2016, 03:40 AM

In this podcast episode, Kiruba and Amar discuss how Quora can be an effective tool in a digital marketer's toolkit. Quora is a site where users pose questions and experts provide responses. Founded in 2009, this site is a treasure house of information on a variety of topics ranging from technology to relationships. Marketers such as Updesk use this site for targetted marketing. Entrepreneur Jaya Jha, Co-founder of pothi.com, uses this site for reaching out to the community. Balaji Vishwanath is a superstar on Quora and has created a personal brand. Executives such as chief learning officer of GE are very active on this site. Kiruba discusses the history of Quora and the facebook connection of the site's CEO. Amar and Kiruba provide their recommendations on why marketers should and should not be present on Quora.

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