Episode 69 - Melanie Kaye (Last Prayer, Smear)

Mar 03, 2016, 03:35 AM

Hey there TOAP fans! This week on the show Damian sits down with someone that he has respected and looked up to for a long time… Melanie Kaye! Listen in as Damian learns about the early years of the Ottawa hardcore scene and her career spent in Punk music.

Also touched on:

-Being a square with the coolest parents

-Mom running Splash Gallery: Ottawa’s first Punk epicenter

-Hanging out a Bay Shore

-Parents moving to the Gleeb to prevent you from becoming too normal

-Craving the conventionality

-Unable to do a cartwheel and it changing your life

-Forming Last Prayers

-Fucking Becky!!! The rocker ruining your first show

-Moving out and setting up the NO PIGS House at 15

-The Subverts

-“Invite Only” to trick the cops

-TSOL stealing all the money and MONEYBOX at your first show

-A warm hug from Brian Taylor

-Porcelain Forehead, Asexuals and MDC

-Making Exploited pay for a broken Mike

-Blunder Mix Record

-’84: Punk gets political

-Running DOA fanclub

-Staying at the Vats

-Rotate This! get you back your stolen record years later

-Booking the Minutemen

-Singing back-ups for the Dicks

-Youth Brigade

-Golden Calgarians

-Booking Dayglo Abortions and regretting.

-Not booking bands that sing stuff you can’t agree with

-Taking the message from Jello

-Picking the DK openers in Montreal and pissing people off

-Dealing with the US border on the Porcelain Forehead tour


-Meeting Fat Mike and NoFX

-Punk No Die

-Riot Grrrl

-AND MORE!!!!!

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