The Sound Women Podcast: Voices

Mar 07, 2016, 09:42 AM

Curious about what it takes to be a voiceover artist?

Join Liz Kershaw for the latest edition of the Sound Women podcast, dedicated to the voice industry. In this episode we hear from actress and comedienne Laura Shavin, international voice coach and author Yvonne Morley, and the voice of Absolute Radio’s Classic Rock Party, Claire Sturgess. Tune in to find out what makes a great demo, the difference between a ‘chocolatey’ tone and a ‘corporate’ one, and for an outstanding Jennifer Saunders impression!

Lead Producer: Cassandra Denton Co-Producer and interviewer: Nicki Bannerman

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Thank you to BBC & Dean Chalkley for the photograph, Somethin' Else for the studio and to inRadio for sharing this episode.