Self Publishing with Kobo: Mark LeFebvre ep28

Mar 09, 2016, 02:30 AM

Mark Lefebvre is the Director of Self Publishing & Author Relations at Kobo since 2011. He started his career as a technologist during the day and author during night . Mark is the writer of dark fiction that is often described as “Twilight Zone”style fiction . He has been involved in book selling business for over 20 years. Mark describes himself as a writer & book nerd from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. 

In this episode, Mark and I talk about his career in the book publishing industry, from being a bookseller to now with Kobo Writing Life. We talk about Kobo's approach towards book publishing and particularly their focus on Indian market after acquisition of Flipkart's ebook business, and pricing for the Indian Market. Finally, we discuss Barnaby Bones, Mark's skeletal companion.

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