How can the EU get what it wants from Turkey on the migration crisis? Chris Morris reports from Greece.

Mar 10, 2016, 01:55 PM

As broadcast on @bbcr4today on 07/03/16:

Here is the horrible conundrum that the leaders of the Europeean Union have to confront in their crunch migration summit meeting with the Turkish government today. They need Turkey on board. They cannot solve this without Turkish co-operation. And yet they regard Turkey as an unreliable partner - a nation not fully committed to European values. Only this morning the French foreign minister said the recent closure of an opposition newspaper in Turkey was unacceptable.

So what to do about Turkey? With president Erdogan reportedly threatening to send more migrants into Europe if he doesn't get what he wants should the EU submit to his demands or stand firm.

And actually hasn't turkey got a decent case to make that it has been treated badly?

Our Europe Correspondent Chris Morris has spent the past week in Greece.

(pic - migrants & refugees camp by rail tracks at Idomeni).