BellyTrim XP & LeptiBurn Review

Mar 14, 2016, 07:09 PM

BellyTrim XP & LeptiBurn Review

1.Tomorrow's our anniversary and I must not forget to send my wife flowers. You understand how girls are. See brilliant reddish flowers growing from the mail box on the corner, and water and ground running down its sides. I reach to the mail box slot to pick the blossoms and am adhered aggressively by thorns.

  1. Tennis is the tenth idea to remember. Ten tennis balls are throwing in the guy in the window. You break the glass in the general delivery window using a tennis ball. General delivery window--Reservation tennis court.

  2. See alarm clock hanging dripping all over its face.

  3. Another thing I keep forgetting will be to get the auto greased. See after I end greasing the vehicle my trousers smeared all over with grease. My trousers pockets are full of grease that was slimy also. Trousers--Get auto greased.

5.This hat is a shame. I require a brand new one. Let us see-- the seat of the chair is stacked high and hats are hanging around the trunk of the chair, although I wish to sit down on the chair. I smash it at the seat and sit down hard on a straw hat. Seat--Purchase a hat.

  1. Another discover my fire insurance to be paid by this morning. See my table going up with my coverage in its middle.

  2. Bozo does not, although I forget this. Because he is so famished, see Bozo chewing up my paper. See dog food smeared all around the paper. Paper--Feed the dog.

8.I'd prevent postponement and better get the coal in in 2013 of the winter. Start to see the auto full of coal. Before I will enter into the auto I've to shovel all of the coal out. I open coal and the vehicle door rushes out, because the windshield is black with coal dust and that I can not see the road. Car--Order coal.

  1. My wife constantly purchases my tops too large. View a cop in shirt tails halting traffic to come over to me. He takes his top off, I take mine off, and we exchange tops. Officer--Exchange tops.

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